Tim Lives in Cocoa Beach with his wife, Courtney. He is the Physics instructor at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr high school. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Space Systems and is a former engineer at KSC.
Being a commissioner and enhancing Cocoa Beach isn’t rocket science, but if it was, he would still be qualified!!
  1. Former Mayor and Commissioner of Cocoa Beach
  2. President of Cocoa Beach MainStreet
  3. Board member of the Cocoa Beach Leisure board
  4. Vice Chair of the Cocoa Beach Art Show (CBAS)
  5. Member of Kiwanis Club
  6. Member of the Rotary Club
  7. Member of the Cocoa Beach Elks
  8. Volunteer of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF)
-Support our first responders – Safety and security of all residents is goverments most important responsibility.
-Responsibly revive our city’s infrastructure- Increase the city’s tax base without raising resident’s taxes.
-No highrise development- The will of the people is the deciding factor.
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