Endorsement from the Republican Caucus

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida has announced it’s endorsed candidates for the Florida Senate and House of Representatives.

“For 25 years the Republican Liberty Caucus has been a strong voice for the principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty,” said RLC Florida Chairman Bob White.

“We believe that less government means more liberty. We work through local and state chapters all over the country to oppose government excess and demand accountability to the people and the Constitution. Our Florida chapter has been extremely active working within the legislative process to successfully promote these values and principles here in Florida. We are very proud to recognize the following individuals for their leadership on liberty issues and to endorse them in their races for the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives.”

RLC Florida Endorsement For the Florida Senate:

  • District 1 – Mike Hill
  • District 7 – Travis Hudson
  • District 8 – Keith Perry
  • District 17 – Debbie Mayfield
  • District 18 – Dana Young
  • District 23 – Greg Steube
  • District 24 – Jeff Brandes
  • District 28 – Matt Hudson
  • District 40 – Frank Artiles

RLC Florida Endorsement For the Florida House of Representatives:

  • District 32 – Larry Metz
  • District 35 – Blaise Ingoglia
  • District 37 – Richard Corcoran
  • District 50 – George Collins
  • District 51 – Tim Tumulty
  • District 52 – Brian Hodgers and Monique Miller
  • District 53 – Randy Fine
  • District 66 – Larry Ahern
  • District 77 – Dane Eagle
  • District 79 – Matt Caldwell
  • District 110 – Jose Oliva
  • District 112 – Rosa Palomino

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