“Who is Tim Tumulty?” – Local Testimonial

Tim Tumulty is the Mayor of Cocoa Beach and he is running for Steve Crisafulli’s seat 51 in the House. Crisafulli is termed out and Tim Tumulty has an opponent, Tom Goodson, who already holds office in the House, he is just trying to change districts to stay in office.  Some background on the two candidates:


Both are Republican


Tom Goodson is a rubber stamp Tallahassee politician who has the backing of the good ol boys network and the resources that come with it.  He has a few key endorsements.  I don’t believe many people in this area even know his name because he is simply not active in anything locally.  This guy would be an extension of the frustration we have had with Steve Crisafulli.  I think Crisafulli is a very nice person but there is a system in Tallahassee of staying off the radar politically to move up the political ladder.  If Tom Goodson wins the election (the primary is August 30) then we get two more years of not having a voice AT ALL in Tallahassee.


Tim Tumulty is a former employee at Kennedy Space Center and a teacher in Brevard Public Schools.  He wasn’t groomed for politics; he got into politics for the right reason – he saw a need in his community and he has since been very approachable, very active and involved.  In all my years of working in local politics, both here and in California, I have only ever come across one other person who got into politics for the right reason.  Mr. Tumulty is the second person I know of in it for the right reasons.


During the Brevard Public Schools closing several schools – remember that 3 years ago?  Do you recall Steve Crisafulli being available?  Or Tom Goodson?  They were, after all, our elected officials during that time…. Well, Tim Tumulty went to every meeting affecting those school closures.  The recent lagoon crisis?  No Crisafulli, no Goodson.  Tim Tumulty was there, hand in hand when the community rallied and came together seeking answers and solutions.  He has also been active in solving what is going on with measures to restore the lagoon.  Ask Alex Gorichky his thoughts on Tim Tumulty….. Alex will tell you who has been there with the local community.


We have a great candidate for a seat that has been silent for way too long. We have someone willing to work for us and go to bat for us.  He has proven it time and time again.  The one missing piece of the puzzle for Mr. Tumulty is an effective way to get his message out there.  Social media is a huge tool and his only chance.


I am calling your attention to Mr. Tumulty.  Contact him and arrange a meeting.  See for yourself.  About all you’ll get out of his opponent is to be able to peek at his campaign web site, where you will see his canned responses to the typical questions.  Mr. Goodson refuses to debate Mr. Tumulty so the frustration in not being able to get the truth out to our community is huge.  Can you imagine why a candidate does not want to attend public forums, won’t allow the public to get to know him?  We can’t allow someone like that to represent us.  Please… we don’t want another two years without a voice.  We want someone to fight for us, who has fought for us.


Lisa Durso – Merritt Island Resident

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