Common Sense, Not Common Core

My Views on Education

As a teacher (Math and Physics) in the Brevard School District, I believe that education is fundamental to the success of our nation. That being said, the federal government should not be involved. I believe that each and every state should have their own education system and not be reliant on federal subsidies, grants, or curriculums. The 10th amendment to the Constitution denies the federal government from being involved in anything not clearly defined within its own framework. Education is clearly not defined.

An example of government’s overreaching control in the education system is the “No Child Left Behind” plan. This plan has morphed into the “Every Student Will Go to College” plan. Of course we all know that many of our children are going to college, but even more aren’t going. This holds true today, just as it did 30+ years ago when I was in high school. My freshman year there were over 900 kids in my class. Less than half graduated. Many of those who graduated didn’t go to college. Today the numbers are still the same!

The answer is vocational/trade schools. Instead of giving a false sense of reality that everyone must go to college, let’s teach our youth how to be construction workers, car mechanics, plumbers, A/C technicians… All of the young adults finishing high school with these skills will not only be making more money than college graduates with no job, they will be an asset to society rather than a burden.

PS. We need common sense, not common core!
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