Encourage Privatization of Our Space Industry

The aerospace industry is a vital piece of the economy in not only district 51, but of the entire county of Brevard and central Florida. With this in mind, the importance of Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral AF Station is paramount.

I am a firm believer that capitalism by way of entrepreneurial endeavors is a large part in how this country became and continues to be the best in the history of the world. Within that belief, small business needs big business to survive.

About five years ago, the space shuttle program was retired. Upon the retirement, many contractors were laid off or transferred from our community. This had a domino effect in businesses from large to small. As the large number of employees from the big companies lost their jobs or moved away, smaller businesses felt the effect. Fewer customers, with less expendable cash caused the shutdown of many small businesses across the space coast.

As a former contractor that was laid off from the space center I understand the emotional as well as the financial effects of losing a job. With the understanding of how things operate at the space center, and the compassion and need to feel useful in society, I will do everything within my power to encourage privatization of our space industry and get KSC back to where it should be, “The center of the world space community.”

  • I am a resident that wants to represent this district.
  • Tell me your concerns and I will make them mine.
  • Allow me be your voice in Tallahassee.

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