The Florida Today headline proclaimed “Women’s march unites men, women, all ages…”

I thought it was interesting. Was the march in our community so significantly different that it could be considered a march for unity? I was kidding myself.  Of course it couldn’t.  And the story proved out my theory.

The local march, like its sister marches across the country was about division and rancor, not unity.  The “vagina caps” being worn by participants should have been a clue, but they were described in the story as “pink wool hats that became a staple of the event held one year ago.”

Remember those angry gals from last year?  Yeah, me too.  And the reasons for this year’s march were no different.  They targeted sexism, pro-life activists, immigration, race relations, health care and of course, President Trump.

If that’s about unity, I’ll take division every day!

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